January 2012


I told you I wouldn't fill up your email and here I am blogging again, but I'm getting quite a few questions about the hiring process and fingerprints.  The DSHS has good information on their site.  You can go to DSHS Background & FBI Fingerprint information  and it will give you everything you need.  The form you will need to fill out for fingerprints is available at that site.

Hurray! Orientation & Safety Are Posted

Thanks to all for your patience and support.  Orientation and Safety are now online and ready to roll!  Please let me know if you experience any difficulties so I can fix them quick.

I posted them as two separate classes because some folks are doing their own orientation.  I will be posting a blended offering in the next week (Orientation and Safety will be combined). But first things first.

I used the DSHS curriculum to the letter so all the content is there.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised and pleased when you see how "efficient" it is. :-)


New Safety and Orientation

Hey, everyone!  It's 3:30am and I am nodding over my laptop trying to get the new Orientation and Safety up online by tomorrow.  But sleep is winning the battle.  I am getting close and still believe it will be up online before the day ends tomorrow, but probably not first thing in the morning.  Preparing an online class is not much different from making a movie.  It seems to take hours of development to produce a few minutes of production!  Stay tuned for the ongoing saga!  By the way, our O&S will be SO affordable you won't be able to do it yourselves.  Imagine 5 hours of your staff t