June 2011

Joining the Twitter World

I've been looking into using social media as a way to spread the word about the great caregiving training and consulting services we have available.  I've been a Facebook user, but had not explored Twitter.  I finally did and it is AMAZING!  You can follow us if you like @RobinVanHyning.  See you there......  Robin

Back to 2010

The final papers have been signed to return the training requirements to 2010. We have been notified by DSHS that we will no longer be teaching Core Basics. Orientation and Safety will only be available to Individual Providers who are out of compliance and cannot get their training through the Training Partnership.

Changes, Changes, Changes

We have suspended all Core Basic Training at this point because we are awaiting a memo from the state that will return the training requirements to the 2010 classes. What this means is we will return to teaching the 28 hour Revised Fundamentals of Care class instead of the HCA training components (Core Basic, Population Specific, and Orientation & Safety.)