Senior Housing thoughts

This past week was an interesting one for sure and it was full of fascinating scenarios that reminds me of why we founded Cornerstone in the first place. I had the opportunity to meet some very powerful people who needed assistance beyond their wildest imaginations and I am so thankful that they reached out to us for help. As a company, we also just attended the 20th annual Elder Fair in Everett and once again I was struck by the amount of people that shared their stories of distress and helplessness in the face of medical and mental health issues. In speaking with a colleague as we exited the show we agreed that seniors are not getting directed to the right resources and often they are being failed by the "system".

I have also met with some truly unique individuals that are dedicated to being a resource and who have companies that are solely derived to assist and be part of the solution. Going forward I am more impassioned than ever to make sure that Cornerstone lives up to our mission statement and that those that need the assistance get more than help, they get a team who are committed to making sure they get the resources they need and more importantly, a friend to walk the path with them and work to make the journey a peaceful one.

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