I told you I wouldn't fill up your email and here I am blogging again, but I'm getting quite a few questions about the hiring process and fingerprints.  The DSHS has good information on their site.  You can go to DSHS Background & FBI Fingerprint information  and it will give you everything you need.  The form you will need to fill out for fingerprints is available at that site.

Basically, you will still run a background check at the time of hire.  You will receive an "interim letter" from the BCCU and on this letter there will be an "OCA#".  You will need that number to complete the fingerprint background form.  You can schedule your employee for fingerprints at this website: FBI Fingerprint - Schedule Appt.

Your employee can be working during this process, but you will need to keep a record of the process.  I suggest you keep a log and track each step so you can show that you submitted each step timely and that you have a system in place for monitoring to make sure everyone gets through it. 

Once you submit the background request (do it by fax for faster results), you should receive your interim letter within 3 business days.  Once you have the interim letter with the OCA# on it, immediately schedule your staff member for their fingerprints. (Of course, that is only if you have made the decision to keep them employed based on the interim background report.)

Don't forget that you also need to have any staff who will be providing resident care complete the new DSHS Orientation & Safety Training (5 hrs by a contracted DSHS instructor) BEFORE they can be in contact with residents.  We have those courses available online for a reasonable cost if you have not made other arrangements for your training.  Cornerstone Healthcare Training web site or you can go directly to the online classroom at Online Classroom - Digitalchalk.

Please call or email ( if you have any questions.  We are here to help.

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