Links for Important Sites

I thought it might be helpfull if I gave you some links that you will need related to the new training requirements.

The first link is to the Department of Health's web page for Home Care Aides.  At this site, you can download the Home Care Aide application packet and find out information about the associated fees.

The next link is to the Prometric site to apply for testing and gather additional information.

The final link is to the Aging and Adult Services / DSHS web page for training requirements.  This is a very helpful page with lots of information.

Just posted yesterday is the form employers may use to verify exempt caregiver training.  It can be found in the first link within the Home Care Aide application packet on page 19.  You  may certainly create your own letter or form, but this page contains all the information you will need in your letter.  All current caregivers who are exempt from the new training and certification will need to have one of these to prove exemption and they will need to keep this for the rest of their career.  If there is ever a question about their qualifications in the future, they will need to produce this verification.

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