Hiring New Staff: I-1163 What Steps Do I Take?

Quite a few calls have been coming in requesting clarification on what steps need to be taken with new hires in assisted living communities.  The steps are actually the same for the AFH so I prepared a quick cheat sheet for an ALF in Friday Harbor and thought maybe it might help some others.  Remember that this is only a guide.  You will have other things you will need to add based on your company  policy or individual situation.  But at least, this will get you started:

Hiring New Employees:

Before they go on the payroll:


  1. TB test started
  2. Background check sent
  3. Three employment references documented
  4. Complete all standard hire paperwork (I-9, W-4, employee handbook, etc.)

Next steps:

If working in direct contact with residents


  1. Must complete DSHS Orientation 2 hrs  BEFORE working
  2. Must complete DSHS Safety 3 hrs  BEFORE working
  3. Must complete a facility walk through to cover fire procedures, call system, location of disaster plan, MSDS binders and alarm system BEFORE working
  4. If not exempt from I-1163 training – must submit HCA (Home Care Aide) certification application to the DOH ($60)  Keep a copy here.
  5. If not in direct contact (office, kitchen, etc)
  • Must complete a facility orientation BEFORE working (may use DSHS one if desired)
  • Must complete a facility walk through to cover fire procedures, location of disaster plan, MSDS binders, call system and alarm system BEFORE working
  • Watch for return of background check by third working day and use OCA# to schedule fingerprinting appointment.
  • Complete second TB test (within 2-3 days of first)


  1. Provide job specific orientation and have a job description signed

Two weeks into it:

  1. Start second step of TB testing
  2. Assure fingerprints have been completed or are at least scheduled in very near future.
  3. Read second step of TB test 2-3 days later
  4. Make sure any non-exempt caregiver staff have connected with trainer (Cornerstone Healthcare) to begin their training.

Within 30 days of hire, all caregivers must have:

  1. Must have CPR/First Aide completed
  2. Must have Specialty Training completed (Dementia & Mental Health) if working with clients with these diagnoses

Within 120 days of hire (90 is recommended), non-exempt caregivers must have:

  1. Must completed 75 hour training
  2. Must apply to Prometrics for national certification exam

Within 150 days of hire, all non-exempt caregivers must have:

  1. Actual HCA certification from DOH in hand or they may not work until they do.


All staff must have:

  1. Current CPR/First Aid certificate
  2. Annual Bloodborne Pathogen training
  3. Disaster Drill

Caregiver staff must have the above, plus:

  1. 12 hours of DSHS approved continuing education


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